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Fantasy adventures in a local coffee shop.

Last summer while sitting around the table at our regular coffee shop, my good friend Joey made what seemed at the time a modest proposal: “We should make a monster manual!” Six months and many cups of coffee (and tea) later, the humble idea of throwing together some monster stat blocks ballooned into the incredibly large and complex design project we now share with the world.

Dice in Our Coffee is a site dedicated to building a community and providing supplementary content for role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons through regular posts, blogs and calls for playtesters.

All of this will start with Monster Mondays where we will post a monster of the week stat block with corresponding concept art. We’ll be looking for people to playtest these monsters in their personal games and give us feedback. We will then iterate on the monsters until they feel complete. Completed monsters will then be added to the bestiary with their final stat blocks and art.

Joey and I look forward to collaborating with players and GMs! Let’s build this world together!

-Sarah Will and Joey Papalia

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